3 silent budget-killers

Nothing kills your fondness for a party you hosted like a busted budget. We want to make sure you don't go over-budget by keeping a close eye on the top three things that people overlook when budgeting for a party.


1. Automatic refills

It's hard to budget how much guests will drink but automatically topping up makes it more likely for guests to drink more than you budgeted for. To take control of your budget, tell your servers not to automatically refill if guests don't ask for it and/or tell them to stop serving once you've hit your budget.


2. Invitations

It's expensive to send paper invitations. Some people flake and you would've wasted money on letter and postage costs. What you can do to keep invitation costs to a minimum is to send people e-invites and then send physical invitations to people who request it and/or are confirmed to attend.


3. A-la-carte orders

Allowing guests to make a-la-carte orders can quickly rack up your budget. Before the event, choose a set menu and be sure to let servers know that guests can only choose from the set menu. This will help you stick to your food budget.

Do you have other silent budget-killers? Leave a comment below if you have more suggestions on areas to watch out for.

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